I ransack public libraries, and find them full of sunk treasure.

Virginia Woolf



‘That everybody is welcome in the building is one of the glories of the place and its tradition.  In our cultural and our historical understanding the very words ‘the Linen Hall Library’ represent not just books, but better hopes for the way we live.  For a just, civilised and inclusive society.’ 
Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney

We are keen to forge links with groups who have not yet visited the Linen Hall Library. We want people from Belfast and beyond to regard the Linen Hall as their Library.

The Linen Hall Library has concentrated on collecting local material since 1788 and, as a result, any group interested in finding out about the history and development of their own area, the city or the country as a whole, will find a multitude of information and resources. We collect and keep material that reflects all shades of local life and opinion, including community and political organisations, minority groups, trades’ unions and women’s groups.

The Library is eager to make its resources more inclusive and accessible and we would be delighted to:

  • Arrange and lead tours of the Library and its collections for your groups
  • Visit groups and organisations for talks and workshops
  • Help locate resources
  • Be a ‘Friendly Face’ whom groups can contact with enquiries or ideas
  • Contribute to existing community development

This is just a taster of the work we do and all of these services are free and open to anyone.

Please get in touch with any enquiries you may have by contacting us on T: 028 9032 1707; E: info@linenhall.com, or just call in and speak to us in the Library – we look forward to hearing from you.