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Readathon Raises Money and Profile for the Linen Hall

06 November 2015

At 9am on Thursday 5 November, the doors to the Linen Hall Library were opened to begin a twelve-hour fundraising Readathon. Throughout the day actors, schools, authors, members of the public, members of the Library , MLAs and more came through the doors to support the event. Director Julie Andrews says: “Everyone enjoyed the day and we would like to say a very big Thank You to everyone who helped make the Readathon a success. It is so important that we get the message across that we...

November Events at the Linen Hall

02 November 2015

20th Century Irish Socialist James Connolly Fights For the Common Man in November Exhibition Irish icon James Connolly (1868 – 1916) championed the downtrodden and demanded dignity for the working masses in the United States as mass industrialisation took hold in the early 20th century. His story is the focus of the Linen Hall Library’s main November exhibition Labor & Dignity – James Connolly in America. November highlights also include a powerful photographic...

Leading Lights in Northern Ireland’s Arts Scene Take Part in Library Fundraising Readathon

30 October 2015

Actors, writers, poets, performers…..all have signed up to read for 15 minutes at the Linen Hall Library’s 12-hour fundraising Readathon on 5 November. Names such as Roma Tomelty, Anne Devlin, Glenn Patterson, Dan Gordon, Tim McGarry, Jo Egan, Jonathan Bardon, Sophia Hillan, Wilson Burgess…. are all supporting the Library by reading a book of their choice for 15 minutes and giving a donation of anything from £5. The day will start at 9am with Julie Andrews,...

Linen Hall Based NIPR Celebrates 15 Years of Collecting

30 October 2015

The National Collection of Northern Ireland Publications (NIPR), which collects every book, magazine, leaflet, government publication and journal produced in Northern Ireland, celebrated its 15 year anniversary this week. Based in the Linen Hall Library, NIPR was set up in 2000 when it was identified that Northern Ireland did not have a repository of this kind. The collection now numbers over 10,000 books and leaflets and several hundred journals. Joan Crooks, NIPR Manager, said:...

Wanted For Linen Hall Library Charity Shop

21 October 2015

Do you have any books you no longer require? If so, the Linen Hall Library Charity Bookshop would be very pleased to accept: Irish Interest / Literature / Mystery / History / Romance / Crime / Humour / Horror / Sci-Fi Foreign / Language / CDs / DVDs / Vinyl Records Unfortunately we are unable to accept: Encyclopaedias / Modern Magazines / Damaged Material / Readers Digest / Radio & Television Manuals / Text Books Loading/Unloading permitted between 9am...

Linen Hall Library Appoints First Ever Female Librarian

19 October 2015

Linen Hall Library Welcomes First Female Librarian in 227-Year History The Linen Hall Library is delighted to announce the appointment of Samantha McCombe as the new Librarian. Samantha is the first-ever female in the institution’s 227-year history to take up this prestigious post. She is the Linen Hall’s twenty-second Librarian. Her appointment also completes the first-ever, all-female senior team which includes Director Julie Andrews, Deputy Librarian Monica...

Arts Council NI Reinstates Linen Hall Library Funding

08 October 2015

The Arts Council of NI has upheld the Linen Hall Library’s appeal at the cessation of £40,000 funding and has reinstated £25,000. Earlier this year the Linen Hall Library announced the disappointing news that the Arts Council of Northern Ireland had ceased funding the Library through its National Lottery Programme Project funding stream. This meant that we were faced with losing £40,000 and the popular cultural events programme which it supported. The Library...

Linen Hall Library is ‘Reading For Good’ In November with Readathon and Fundraising Drive

28 September 2015

The Linen Hall Library has been the cultural hub of Belfast and Northern Ireland for over 227 years – and we aim to keep it that way! In November we are raising funds by ‘Reading For Good’. Kicking off the month will be a twelve-hour Readathon on 5 November from 9am – 9pm. Help one of Belfast’s oldest charities continue its position as a bastion of creative interchange and custodian of world-renowned collections by taking part or donating! Writers, actors,...

October Events at the Linen Hall Library

27 September 2015

Thoughts from Northern Irish Emigrants and Immigrants Past and Present In New Linen Hall Exhibition The ebb and flow of immigration and emigration on Northern Irish culture is illuminated in a fascinating new exhibition From Home to Here: Stories of Migration Old and New which runs from 1 – 31 October. There will also be a series of complementary events taking place delving deeper into this subject. After the summer break, October sees the welcome return of Irish language classes,...