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Linen Hall Bestows Honorary Membership on Four Exceptional People

15 December 2016


This week the Linen Hall Library formally bestowed Honorary Membership on four people who have given generously of their time and skills to ensure the continuing success of this wonderful organisation. They are: former staff and board member Jennifer Campbell, comedian Tim McGarry, actress Roma Tomelty and former board member Brian Walker.

Director Julie Andrews said: "Without people like Jennifer, Tim, Roma and Brian, the Linen Hall Library would not be nearing its 229th year! These four have offered vital support when we have needed it most, and have also played an important ambassadorial role in positively promoting the Library through their own professions. We are truly grateful for their exceptional contribution and recognise them tonight with Honorary Membership."

Each Honorary Member received a certificate and a life-time Library membership.

Pictured above (l-r): Tim McGarry, Roma Tomelty, Jennifer Campbell and Brian Walker.