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Linen Hall Studies Faces and Places in Two June Exhibitions


The little known, but hugely influential, Belfast poet Pádraic Fiacc is the inspiration behind the art exhibition Faces of Fiacc, launching at the Linen Hall on 1 June. Also in June visual artist Kevin Hamilton takes us on a kaleidoscopic journey around some of Belfast’s iconic buildings.

The schedule of events in date order is as follows:

Belfast Perspectives
By Kevin Hamilton
1 June – 31 July / exhibition/ free
Belfast-based visual artist Kevin creates fascinating new perspectives of our built heritage through kaleidoscopic studies of iconic buildings. He says: “I want people to appreciate the strength and beauty of our environment and not dwell on the past.”

Faces of Fiacc
1 – 29 June/ exhibition/ free
Exhibition of works inspired by acclaimed Belfast poet Pádraic Fiacc by Neil Shawcross, Bill Kirk, Frankie Quinn and Stevie Raelynn Johnson. Known as a controversial poet, Fiacc has been somewhat airbrushed out of Belfast literary history, but his influence is powerful and can be found in poetry by Heaney, Hewitt and others.

First World War Source at PRONI
With Stephen Scarth
Wednesday 6 June at 1.00pm/ lecture/ free
Continuing our series of lectures by the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, today the archives which help researchers trace the role of Irish men and women in the First World War are explored.

Irish Book Club
Saturday 9 June at 11.00am/book club/ free
Whatever your level of mastery in the Irish language, all are welcome to join and discuss the latest chosen book. This month’s title is Trumptaí Dumptaí by Ré Ó Laighléis.

The Man from God Knows Where
The Life and Times of Thomas Russell in Words and Music
Thursday 14 June at 6.00pm/ performance/ £10
Thomas Russell, soldier, revolutionary and the second librarian of the Linen Hall Library, played a major part in the Irish Risings of 1798 and 1803. Jane Cassidy and Maurice Leyden tell the story of this man ‘from God knows where’.

The Last Lost Girl with Maria Hoey
Thursday 28 June at 2.30pm/ reading/ free
Maria was shortlisted for the Linen Hall’s Michael McLaverty Short Story Award in 2010. This is her first novel which tells the story of a disappeared fifteen-year-old festival queen whose sister stumbles on something that reopens the mystery thirty-seven years later.

Linen Hall Reading Group
Thursday 28 June at 1.10pm/ discussion/ free
All are welcome to join in the discussion and debate of the selected title of the month. This month’s chosen book is The Last Lost Girl by Maria Hoey.

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