The Light at the Forefront: From Athens 500 BC to Belfast 1788 AD

Thursday 23rd June, 7 PM | Linen Hall Performance Area

General Admission: £5 | Members or Concession: £3 | Students: £2

Classical Greek and Roman cultures were the steppingstones of the Enlightenment – the period that shaped the way we live and understand the world today. The Enlightenment brought back the concepts of reason, knowledge, freedom, and happiness to form the personal and societal identity, and set the foundations of sovereign nations and modern politics.

The influence of the Enlightenment was so vast that challenged institutions and the mainstream ideas in most areas of life, including religion, aesthetics, and art. The Light at the Forefront is a conversation about art, music, and politics from Ancient Greece to the Age of Enlightenment and how the movement inspired the culture and politics of Belfast at the time, and the development of institutions such as the United Irishmen, the Masonic Halls, the first charitable organisation and the Linen Hall Library.

Join us for a conversation with Dr Jonathan Wright (Maynooth University) and Dr Katerina Kolotourou (University of Edinburgh), chaired by Seamus McKee that will try to shed light on some of the most interesting parts of history.


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