NEW BOOK: Stones Corner. Turmoil by Jane Buckley

Live Online Event (Zoom) • Wednesday 28th July, 7.00pm (UK time)

Please note that you will receive a Zoom link via email on the day of the event.

Stones Corner. Turmoil is the first in a four-part series from new author Jane Buckley. Having lived through the worst years herself, she is on a mission to educate all generations, particularly the young, about The Troubles.

This “factional book” covers a great deal of issues encountered at the time by both sides of the sectarian divide including conflict, cruelty, divided loyalties, strong family ties, gallows humour, and star-crossed lovers.

In this live online event, Jane will read from ‘Stones Corner. Turmoil’ and talk about life in The Troubles, and her passion for educating readers on the subject.