Thomas Moore’s Irish Melodies, with Dr Sarah McCleave (QUB) 

Live Online Event (Zoom) • Monday 14th June, 7.00pm (UK time)

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In Belfast in 1792 there was an unprecedented gathering of Irish harpers, the aim of which, as it was described in a circular of the time, was to revive “the Ancient Music and Poetry of Ireland.” Musician and folk-song collector Edward Bunting transcribed the music played at the festival and published A General Collection of Ancient Irish Music in 1796, which was followed, in 1809 and 1840, by two expanded editions. The writer who, more than any other, took up the challenge of writing new “national” lyrics to Bunting’s music was Thomas Moore, who published 10 separate numbers of his Irish Melodies between 1807 and 1834. 

This talk by Dr McCleave will explore the significance of Moore’s Irish Melodies and reasons why Mary Ann McCracken might have had a copy. (Now in the custody of the Linen Hall Library)