Creative Re-Writing of Italian Poems

3x Sessions: 6th, 20th, 27th October, 1.00pm – 3.00pm (£5 per session)

In this short series of workshops, we’ll work on Italian poetry not only to understand it and enjoy it but also to… re-write it! Students of Italian from a Lower Intermediate to an Advanced level are all welcome to attend these three interactive and participant-centred sessions – each of them will present two poems, one suitable for an easier language level and the other a bit more challenging. After introducing the poet and analysing the original text, we will work in small groups to creatively personalise the lines and ‘play’ with the poems. The three themes will be libri (we’re in a beautiful library, after all…), autunno (to celebrate the time of the year) and amore (does poetry without love even exist??). Who knows what new poems we will write, all together!

The workshop will be led by Federica Ferrieri. She has been the Italian Honorary Consul since October 2016. Federica writes language books and teaching foreign languages in QUB Open Learning and for the Crescent Arts Centre: mainly Italian, but also Latin, Ancient Greek and Modern Greek.


Ticket Type Price Spaces
Thursday 6th October £5.00
Thursday 20th October £5.00
Thursday 27th October £5.00