Political speechwriter Ben Rhodes in conversation with Carlo Gébler

3 February, 7.30pm • Online Event • £8

One of the key Belfast figures in the Enlightenment was Francis Hutcheson.  His role as a moral philosopher in the United States, particularly around the concept of inalienable rights, was hugely important.  With aspects of democracy in the US, as well as globally, now feeling under threat, President Barack Obama’s former aide and confidant, Ben Rhodes, visited dozens of countries to meet with outsiders: politicians, activists and dissidents who were confronting the same nationalism and authoritarianism that threatened the US.  The result is his new book, After The Fall: Being American in the World We’ve Made.

Ben Rhodes is the author of the New York Times bestseller, The World As It Is, co-host of Pod Save the World; a contributor for NBC News and MSNBCl the co-chair of National Security Action; and an advisor and speechwriter to President Barack Obama.