Digging the Ballykelly Beaufort with Jonny McNee

Performance Area • Thursday 21st October, 7.00pm (UK Time)

Aviation archaeologist Jonny McNee will tell the emotional story of how he found, licensed, and excavated the crash site of Bristol Beaufort AW 271 from the front garden of the Church of Ireland Rectory in Ballykelly in May of this year.

Jonny was assisted by a multi-disciplinary team to ensure this sensitive dig could legally happen. He was also aided by pupils from the Foyle College Aviation Team (FCAT). They are a dedicated group of aviation sleuths aged between 16-18 years of age who attend Foyle College, Derry Northern Ireland.

They are passionate about their local WW2 aviation history, having participated in several licensed digs at aircraft crash sites across Ireland working alongside experienced aviation archaeologists and University experts. Some of their recent digs have been aired on ground-breaking television series and others used for award winning museum exhibitions. This latest project was their biggest and most emotional yet.

Join Jonny in the Linen Hall Library to learn more about the crew, and see some of the small finds and artefacts from the crash site before the dig airs on BBC’s Digging For Britain this year.