As a charity, we depend on funding, donations and membership subscriptions to continue our great work. Help us continue as one of the most treasured institutions in Northern Ireland.

“No institution in Northern Ireland has done more to promote enlightenment and represent a better future for all our citizens.” – Nobel Laureate and Linen Hall Library Patron, Seamus Heaney

Help us to secure the Linen Hall’s future – make the gift of a lifetime.

The Linen Hall Library is a unique legacy bequeathed to us by the energy, vision and generosity of previous generations since our foundation in 1788. That is why the Library can play such a central and inspirational role in the cultural life of our society today. The continued progress of the Library still depends on the sustained support of our friends.

Why we need your gift?

Legacies are vital for the future of the Linen Hall Library. With your help we can ensure the future of our collections and continued access to our resources. Your contribution can help us to acquire new works for our collections, enable conservation of our treasures, and make the Library more accessible for the community at large. A legacy given to an historic library like the Linen Hall can make a uniquely long-lasting and publicly recognised impact.

You can help secure the Library’s future with a legacy in any form, whether of money, shares or property, or of a collection. Anyone can leave a legacy to the Linen Hall Library and it is easy to do. We welcome all legacies, large or small, and you can make the Library one beneficiary amongst many that you may wish to assist.

Areas of Interest to You

You may wish to allocate any legacy to areas of particular interest to you; these, by way of example, might include:

  • The book fund – for the purchase of major works for key collections.
  • Conservation – for the repair and safeguarding of our treasures.
  • Irish Collection.
  • Northern Ireland Political Collection.
  • Theatre and Performing Arts Archive.
  • Genealogy and Heraldry Collection.
  • Languages of Ulster Collection.
  • Poetry collection.
  • Arts and Cultural programming, including publications.
  • Outreach work to disadvantaged communities

We continue to welcome donations in line with the Library’s collection policy. Potential donors should be aware that we are only able to accept items which are core to the collections as outright gifts, and we require the right to dispose. All donations to the collections will be acknowledged and donors listed in the Library’s annual report.

Endowment Fund

In 2018 the Library set up the Linen Hall Library Endowment Fund managed by Cunningham Coates Stockbrokers 

The fund was set up by the Governors and Management of the Library to create a meaningful income for the preservation and conservation of the collections held within the Linen Hall.

Access the Endowment information leaflet here.

For more information about how you can support the Library:

Telephone: +44 (0)28 9032 1707

For more information.

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