Accessing The Collection

Access to the NIPR Collection is initially through its web-based catalogue at

You may consult items from the NIPR collection by asking at the Irish and Local Studies issue desk in the Linen Hall Library.

The National Collection of Northern Ireland Publications


NIPR (formerly known as The Northern Ireland Publications Resource) is Northern Ireland’s National Collection of Northern Ireland Publications.

Northern Ireland has no National Library so no local institution is legally responsible for collecting all material published. Until recently there has been no reliable way of finding out what is being published in Northern Ireland, who is collecting it, and where it is held.

With funding from the British Library, the Library and Information Services Council for Northern Ireland set out to redress the situation and officially launched the Northern Ireland Publications Resource (NIPR) in October 2000. After a successful initial two year pilot scheme, the Department for Communities provides further funding for the administration of the scheme.

Following a review in 2013 the name of the project was changed to NIPR, The National Collection of Northern Ireland Publications, to define more clearly the role and purpose of NIPR.

What is the NIPR?

All books, journals, pamphlets and reports published in Northern Ireland since 2000 are now systematically collected, catalogued and preserved in NIPR. Bibliographic information about the collection is available in the online book catalogue at

The Linen Hall Library, Belfast, is our lead partner, providing assistance with collecting and preserving the collection, and a dedicated repository has been set up within the Linen Hall Library to house the collection.

Voluntary Donations Important

The scheme depends on voluntary donations of material by local publishers. One copy of every item published in Northern Ireland is requested for the repository in Belfast to ensure that it is preserved for posterity.

A local publication is defined as anything published in Northern Ireland for public dissemination, regardless of subject or publisher.

If you would like to know more please contact or T: 028 9032 1707.

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